All surface preparation equipment listed below is specialist equipment that the company uses in the contracting side of the business today.

Shot Blaster

Our Shot Blast equipment propels steel abrasive (shot) at high velocity onto a rotating wheel within the machine body. It travels down onto the designated surface to create an infinite range of profiles. In addition, filtration units collect debris for disposal and the shot itself is reclaimed by magnets for continued use.

Dust Collection Unit

Debris is collected into filtration units for easier disposal and to maintain  dust-free working environments. Our company’s dust collection units are generally fitted with an M Class extraction unit thus generating smaller dust particles.

800 Grinder

Our 800 Grinder is compact, with a robust steel design housing a unique planetary grinding system.  This also features a triple headed surface depot 800 grinder/polisher and accepts standard tooling.

The 800 Grinder is designed for applications such as:
• Preparation and renovation of concrete floors
• Removal of epoxy and paint
• Polishing concrete
• Floor levelling
• Exposing aggregates
• Wet or dry diamond grinding

320 Planer

Powerful, robust and tough, our 320 Planer is designed for hard work, yet is easy to use and keep maintained. When using the 320 planer, works can be completed faster and with greater precision. Hydraulics drive the planer allowing precision control and operator comfort. Featuring a heavy duty 8mm steel structure the 320 planer provides the weight required to remove stubborn surfaces.  In addition, it can be used on surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, steel and asphalt.

250 Grinder

Specifically designed to meet daily demands including the most rigorous of projects. The 250 grinder allows for a wide range of heavy duty applications as well as delivering exceptional balance for optimum results. Resulting in low maintenance for continued performance and minimal operating costs the 250 grinder is extremely durable and easy to handle.

110-volt Duro Stripper

The 100-volt Duro Stripper has a vibrating blade for the removal of  substances such as vinyl and glue from the floor surface.

Wolf Turbo Stripper

The Wolf Turbo Stripper is ideal for stripping vinyl and carpet’s in small areas, especially relevant in offices and kitchens where larger machines cannot gain access. It is designed to be portable, stripping down into 5 separate parts, allowing for removal of bonded floor coverings in strips. The procedure corresponds with the customary method of using a hand floor scraper. The stripper works with a thing steel blade at a very high frequency, minimising vibration and noise. The Wold Turbo Stripper is self-propelled, and the motor activated both the blade and the machine movement.

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