Since there are many different methods involved in surface preparation, choosing the correct one could be vital for your project.

If incorrect surface preparation methods are chosen, this could lead to costly failures or delays on projects.

Surface preparation methods are a pre-treatment for surfaces to prepare them ready for the adjustments about to happen. This enhances the specific surface face which is being modified.

Common difficulties for surface preparation can include but are not limited to:

  • Vinyl’s
  • Carpets
  • Joints
  • Bumps
  • Residues

LGS Removals Ltd can assist in different methods of preparation and suggest the correct method and solution to suit everyone’s budget and requirements to the highest of standards.

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What LGS Removals Ltd offer:

  • Assess the job being undertaken
  • Assess the type of floor being modified
  • Asses the material the client requires
  • Asses the precise equipment required
  • Assess the overall finishing methods required

To determine the size and type of machine used on a project is often dependant on budget. This also determines the accessories selected, used on an individual basis. 

Areas of preparation undertaken include:

Shot Blasting – Used to clean or strip surfaces from concrete to metals by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at it, the chosen surface will then have a vast range of profiles.

Diamond Grinding & Polishing  Can be applied to a variety of floor surfaces including stones and engineering ceramics. Due to the type of diamond used this method has the highest hardness of bulk materials. For the correct combination for smoothing, preparing, polishing or cleaning applications there are numerous plates and discs to select.

Floor Planing – Enclosed in the main body of the machine is the high velocity rotating drum used to remove stubborn surfaces. This method allows for removal of substances such as latex, screeds, adhesives, contaminants and multiple layers of old coatings. Planing methods profile concrete and asphalt surfaces by removing mill scale on metal surfaces.

Carpet & Vinyl Removal – Using a sharpened blade or pick this method allows for multi-stripping operations. The correct blade or pick is selected dependant on the suitability to remove a surface, then attached to the front of the machine. Machinery used allows the blade or pick to be held onto the floor to assist the removal process due to the weight.