7 Inch LGS Hand Grinder Shroud


Fixed to any 9 inch hand grinder for edgework and spotting with any of our 7 inch hand grinding cup disks or PCD rings, depending on the application surface and your requirements. When used  in conjunction with an industrial vacuum unit, the shroud enables up to 98% dust free external environment. This shroud has been specially designed following years of contracting within the floor preparation industry and after having used almost all other shroud designs on the market. With a robust construction from a thicker gauge mild steel, we have found that the LGS shroud can be used for a longer period of time before the need to replace. It is especially good for a heavier duty use with PCD discs as the vibration generated has previously caused issues with wear, with our design this is no longer the case.  The design has been purposely adapted to achieve the closest possible surface coverage to the external perimeter. The collar can be made to fit any 9” hand grinder, you will need to specify in the order notes the exact make and model you require the shroud fitting to so appropriate adjustments can be made.

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