Portable Transformer


All our 110v transformers are designed for site electrics and site power tools. Complying with safety requirements BS3535. They are of a double wound construction with the centre of the secondary winding connected to the earth including single pole MCB for protection against overloads and short circuits. The sockets are manufactures to BS4343 of a non-interchangeable type. Attached to the transformer is a 1.8m long 3 core 230V cable with moulded plug. All transformers are insulated, are splash proof and made of tough moulded fibre-glass.

At LG Specialist Services Ltd following years of using transformers on site we have opted to use a 6KVA transformer, specially made by us. We would always recommend you using the 6KVA over the 5KVA however, this is entirely the customers choice. For an extra 1KVA the transformer can be used continuously for a considerably longer period of time without the transformer cutting out, making jobs quicker and easier.

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